I studied finance and economics at the University of Pittsburgh. Once I graduated, I worked at a management consulting firm and subsequently at a tech company. When I initially joined the Organization & Management PhD program at Goizueta, I was on the ‘macro’, economic sociology track. After my first year, I realized the ‘micro’, organizational behavior track of the program was better suited for my research interests. Even so, given the enormous body of literature, across the social sciences and the humanities, related to my program of work, I like to think my time as a ‘macro’ student still influences how I engage with my research. Specifically, I try to be really open and thoughtful concerning how to use existing literature to develop novel research questions and interdisciplinary theories. This also lends itself quite well to the department I’m in, which is a joint department for ‘macro’ and ‘micro’ scholars.

A bit more generally, I’m a first generation Nigerian-American, and [in hindsight] my experiences of “double consciousness” probably have a lot to do with why I gravitate to research questions related to intergroup relations and culture. Outside of research, I’m an avid traveler (20+ countries), a breakfast enthusiast, a novice baker, and a BIG fan of salsa dancing. More recently, I’ve taken greater interest in the arts, specifically [non-academic] writing and theatrical performance (many moons ago, I did theater in high school).

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